Saturday, January 26, 2008

Out with the Old....

Out with the old, and in with the new. I needed a change of space, and this is it. Welcome to the new digs. I'm still tweaking things a bit, and making some additions and adjustments, so bear with me. I'm only minimally computer literate. Sad, but true. I'll get it all figured out eventually.

Anyway, its a dreary, overcast and unnaturally cold (for here) kind of Saturday, and we (hubby and myself) are somewhat bored, but too unambitious to do anything about it. I made a trial-run batch of the low-fat, low-sugar chocolate chip cookies (they turned out to be quite delicious and I will definitely make these again). That might be the sole accomplishment of my day. Well, that and laundry. I have gotten all of that done, so that counts as something....right? To keep myself amused I have been doing some online shopping (looking really, as I haven't yet purchased anything) for potential dresses to wear to my son's wedding in May. I have a dress that is waiting as a back-up....IF I don't find something that I like better. But we shall see. I want THE perfect dress, the one that speaks to me and tells me that it is the ONLY dress that will make me happy. So far, the back-up dress is being noncommittal, and wishy-washy, and apathetic, so I am having doubts about it.

Ok, so far the offerings of spring special occasion dresses have been dismal. Unless I want to look like a crack whore, or possibly a 90 year old woman. I was browsing Neiman Marcus and found a couple of things that actually induced nausea. Here is an example:

Honestly? I have bath towels that look better on me than this. And it comes with some really obnoxious price tag....I forgot the exact amount but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of around $575. Why? Would YOU wear this in a public place????

And again, from Neiman Marcus:

This one looks like something that I made myself, badly, with my not so impressive sewing skills.

It doesn't even look like it comes close to fitting this model right. It hangs like a potato sack. But this frock can be yours with a price tag of about $725. Yeah.....I think I am going to have to keep looking.

As for the back-up option, it looks like this:

Its a late May wedding, at the beach, and would this be appropriate? I guess I am looking for feedback. I already bought it just in case. I'm sure I will wear it somewhere, even if its not to the wedding. Or do you prefer the bath towel dress? Let me know......decisions, decisions.