Saturday, January 22, 2011

All About Sex

Yes, I said it. A SEX post. On my blog!!! LOL. But here's the story: There is this woman who works with me. I barely know her as she is in a different craft so we basically have very little interaction other than walking by each other and saying Hi or something like that. But she came up to me today and handed me an invitation to a party. You know those parties. The ones that you go to and are expected to order stuff. I have been to Mary Kay make up parties, tupperware parties, home decor parties, candle parties....lots of them over the years. But this one, um, this is a SEX party. LOL OMG! She let me browse through a catalog briefly and I am sure my face was flaming as I saw page after page of things that honestly? I am not even sure what all of it was. Strap on things....weird stuff. Oh my Lord.

My invitation calls it a "Love" party and it strictly prohibits men, and children from attending. It has my name on it, so its not a generic printing. And it made me wonder if I am giving off some kind of weird vibe that would make some woman that I don't even know think that I would be perfect for this kind of party...? Hahahahaha. So, what to do? I am pretty sure I am not going to know a single soul there (and if I do then my friends will have definitely surprised me). I couldn't help but notice that its at least a half hour away from where I live. I would totally be expected to buy least a little thing or 2. I saw some flavored body paints that didn't look too strange and at least I had an idea of what those were. I haven't made up my mind yet. A part of me says "Oh HELL no!". But I am a little bit curious. Curious as to who goes to these things. Curious as to whether the hostess explains the nature of some of those odd contraptions. Curious to see what the other attendees end up ordering.....I just have this horror of ordering something only to have this woman deliver it to me personally AT THE OFFICE! How in the world would I explain that? I mean, clearly it would implicate her too, but if she is walking around inviting people to this party then she probably wouldn't care too much what anybody else is thinking. What to do? What would YOU do? Go or not? I mean its just a party. Its not like I am going to catch an STD least I don't think so.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life in General

-We tried out our new Golden Corral for dinner this evening. The decor and the layout was all new. The food was mediocre at best so nothing has changed in that respect. Oh well. It was new. We gave it a shot. And at least I didn't have to cook and nobody came home hungry. That place always disappoints me. We went once a couple of years ago for the first time since the kids were little. It is abundant food that is edible, but just barely. I think its time to give up on it. There are much better places to eat in town.

-As far as new things that remain the same go, I have watched the new American Idol for the past couple of nights. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are fine as the new judges. But its still so much the same that I think I am getting bored with it already. There isn't even the mean Simon comments to shake it up a little. Not sure if I will watch the whole season this year.

-I got my hair trimmed (just barely so it, too, is basically the same) yesterday. But on a whim I decided to get some highlights put in and I am glad I did. It gives the color a little extra punch and I think I like it. The stylist that I like told me she is breaking away and opening her own shop at the end of the month. I am excited for her and hope things go well. I trust her with my hair more than anyone else I have gone to here in this town. She friended me on Facebook so I can keep up with the grand opening. Yay! She can count on me for repeat business for sure.

-I really miss being able to say "TGIF" every Friday because Friday doesn't mean much when you have to work on Saturdays. I have no idea how long this is going to go on.
I see no sub being hired in the near future, so....? At least I don't have to feel that Sunday evening dread since I now have Mondays off. I guess thats the trade off.

-Cats, cats everywhere and not a single one of them will come up here and snuggle with me. I feel so lonely...LOL. Do I give up? Or do I keep getting cats until I find one that loves me? Ha.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day

--It's Martin Luther King Day and I have the day off. It was so nice to wake up and not have to hit the floor running this morning.

--The fatigue I kept having last week finally turned in to an earache...? Its not something I have very often, but thats what it was. Not wanting to take antibiotics, I tried the old remedy my Mom used on us as children....warm Castor oil in the ear several times a day. It worked for Bruce over Thanksgiving, and it seems to have worked for me this time around. I feel much better and I didn't take a single pill.
Well, not entirely true, I did take Ibuprofen.

--Bruce went up to Danville this weekend to do some things for Dad and Barb (like taking the Christmas tree down). I would have gone but I had to work Saturday. He pretty much went up on Friday afternoon and came back home on Saturday evening anyway. I was either at work or asleep so I didn't feel too lonely. LOL. I did watch a lot of unmanly TV Friday night. Lots of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. And the 4 Weddings show. They moved my favorite show, "What Not to Wear" to Tuesday night and I am not sure I like that.

--I am watching a clip of the growing popularity of pie right now. Pie is delicious.
I am a bigger fan of rich and creamy pies like pumpkin or cream pies instead of fruit pies. But still cherry or peach is delicious. Not a huge fan of apple pie though.
But the clip is saying people are starting to serve pie at weddings. Instead of cake....??? How weird is that? A wedding pie might be yummy but it couldn't possibly be dressed up to be so beautiful as a tiered wedding cake.....could it?

--In honor of Martin Luther King day, I wish we could all aspire to keep the dream alive. The unfortunate incident in Arizona this past week is absolute proof that we haven't achieved it yet.