Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's been crazy weather around here lately. Snow, sun, rain, sleet....sometimes all in a period of a couple of hours. Erica's friend, Anoop, said something that made me laugh. He wrote on Facebook: "first it was the crazy snow followed by clear sky followed by crazy snow. then it was the quakes. theory confirmed: we live in a snow globe" I am beginning to think he is right. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, while it is still quite chilly we have at least had sunshine this weekend. And for that I am profusely grateful. I have to wonder if my blah-like blues aren't weather related. Isn't there some kind of seasonal depression? I don't know, but I feel better when there is a clear sunny day. Bruce had to work yesterday, so I ran errands, did the grocery shopping, and had lunch with Stephen and Hannia. It was nice to do all of these things without battling torrential rain. I did have a moment of horror when I tried on some of the new swimsuits at the mall....I didn't buy anything. I would love to have a new suit for our upcoming trip to San Juan, but you know...I can wear my old ones for free and look heinous. Why pay a wad of cash for a suit that promises to make me look fabulous only to turn out to be a big fat liar. Whatever. I am over it. I am barreling towards 50 years old. I have earned the right to NOT look like I am 25. Right? Right? LOL. I didn't get frustrated, or sad, or have a hissy fit. I put those lying suits right back on the rack and went out to lunch with my kids. And had a good time, too. I think its some kind of progress, because a few years ago seeing what I saw in the mirror of the dressing room would have sent me to bed for a couple of weeks so distressed that I would have been incapacitated. OVER IT!

Ok, so I hope that we are on the upswing towards spring now. Maybe noone will shake the snowglobe this week....:)