Friday, July 30, 2010


Here are some snippets of information that you probably don't really want to know, but I am going to tell you anyway:

-Erica got stuck for an extra night in Michigan because her flight back got cancelled yesterday (Thursday). There were some really nasty storms here on the east coast. She wasn't real happy about that but mercifully she is home safe and sound this evening. Delta at least put her up in a hotel for the night. When she first sent me a text message about the flight cancellation, I was afraid she was going to have to spend the night at the airport. And that? That would be awful. She said that she found this seminar really helpful though. She learned how to successfully write a grant, met lots of people in her field and got a lot of information and ideas of where she might want to apply to do her post doc. So, even with the flight screw up, I think her week was a success.

-We have had an ongoing battle the past week or so with ANTS (yuck). In my kitchen, no less. It must be something about the weather, because Stephen said he had them coming in to his place too. Its such a pain to find them crawling around on your counters and stuff. Luckily, they didn't get into anything important. But I did have to throw away a bunch of hard cat food that they got into. In the cat's dish....not the bag. We THINK we have it under control now, but those ants are sneaky little bastards and I don't trust them.

-Bruce went down to Wilmington today to see Delaney and Casey before they move tomorrow. He also helped with some packing and stuff because he is just a nice guy like that. I would have loved to have gone, but I had to work. All I know is that everybody I have ever met who has gone to Nashville has loved it. I have never been.
But now I have a really good reason to go. So....yeah....we will have to plan a visit later on when everybody gets settled and hopefully have some time to really see the city.

-This week, work-wise, has been really really tough. I say that every week, I know...but this time it was tougher than usual. For some reason, all of those sales catalogs that generally come in around mid-August to early September are pouring in right now like a flood. I don't know if they are just early and it will be over with earlier (a girl can hope right?). Or if this is just going to be a continual onslaught until the holidays. Maybe a lot of it is back-to-school stuff. I don't know because I honestly don't look at it. But having it be this heavy in this kind of heat is unusual and particularly brutal and cruel.

-Still dealing with cat problems and integrating the "pride". Samantha is a stubborn little hussy when it comes to behaving herself. If Vixen would just find the moxie to stand up and kick her rear end once....seriously all it would take is ONCE....I think she might back off at least a little. I had no idea my Vixen was such a wimp.
LOL. I am still working on it though. And trust me when I say I love my little wimp no matter how much of a scaredy cat she is.

-Stephen and Hannia have exactly 2 weeks before moving day. I have their new mailing address and phone if you need it email me and I will send it. It looks like everything is getting done on schedule, so hopefully this will be a smooth transition for them.

-We have booked tickets to Las Vegas for Halloween! Yay! We have been spending the past several years trying to find the best Halloween celebrations around and saw something about Vegas doing it up big time. We are going with our friends' Chris and Jessica, and that should be a real blast. October can't get here fast enough.

-I am still dreaming about someplace like this:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Once a week

Once a week is all I seem to be capable of blogging. I don't know why I can't get myself into gear??? It has GOT to be this heat. It is burning the life right out of me. There are no words to describe how bad I hate it. It makes me feel so dirty. I shower until my skin is raw, but no amount of soap and water can make me feel clean and dry as long as its 100 degrees with unGodly humidity. This has been the longest hottest summer that I can remember. Of course, I have probably been brain damaged from searing heat so that's not saying much.

Samantha was spayed on Friday, and she did so well. She slept for most of the afternoon and evening, but by Saturday morning, it was like nothing ever happened. She was perky and playing and you would never know she had just had major surgery. There is just one thing....Sam is NOT integrating into the "pride" as well as we had hoped. She is a purring little darling with us, but she is an aggressive instigator with our other 2 cats. Vixen has been hiding under our bed for weeks. Omen, who hasn't got an aggressive bone in her body, finally just snapped and let Sam have it. We were afraid she was going to kill Sam, because Omen is at least twice her size. But not only did Sam survive....she didn't learn a damn thing and was right back with the stalking and taunting. I don't know what to do. We are entertaining the idea of finding her another home. I hate it. I would love to keep her. But if she doesn't calm down and learn to get along with the other cats then its just not going to work. We hoped having her spayed would help, but right now its the same as ever. Any suggestions?

As for the kids....Erica is in Michigan right now at a seminar. Hopefully she is having a great time and learning lots of useful information. She texted me when she got there, but I haven't heard anything since. I am sure she is really busy. One thing she was going to have to do is read and critique her roommate's paper. Her roommate is a girl that Erica has never met, but she is also a microbiologist in the same line of research. Erica said it would be interesting to see what her "competition" is up to. LOL.

Stephen and Hannia are just 3 weeks away from the big move to Indiana and have been insanely busy trying to get everything ready. They have sold or given away lot of their stuff that just won't work in the new place. Stephen has ambitiously taken on the task of refinishing their bedroom furniture. And there are just so many little tasks to take care of. I can't even list them all, but its all coming together. I can't wait to get out there for a visit sometime in late September and see not only their new place, but the whole town. I have never been to any place in Indiana before, so it will definitely be something new.

And to leave you with something to keep us cool....I wish I was here: