Saturday, February 18, 2012


This is the end of The Fishbowl Chronicles. I need a new, fresh space. When I first named this blog, I meant it to be a statement that our lives are always open for others to see. Not in a stalker-ish kind of way, although that could happen. But maybe as a reminder to myself that someone might be watching so behave accordingly. Unfortunately, I got stuck feeling like the title dictated the template. Fish, or fishbowl templates are few and far between. And I will never be happy with a random template of something else, like birds, or buttons or flowers when it doesn't match the title. Therefore, I am doing the only thing I can think of to rectify the problem....I am creating a new blog. One that gives me more freedom to change up templates and not feel stuck.

The Fishbowl Chronicles is staying put for now. Its my journal, and I have loved it.
I'm not ready to pull the plug and delete it entirely. But now, please join me in my new space: Errors Have Been Made

I'll see you there! Love to all!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

These things I know...

I may not know much, I DO know this much:

-I will never EVER live in Florida. Not for ANY reason. Besides being so hot and humid that it could make you die in the summer...I just watched an hour long documentary about how many exotic snakes have been brought there, and allowed to escape and breed. Pythons are apparently roaming free, scarfing up all the other (cuter) wildlife like raccoons and feral cats. And although I had already heard about this problem, I did NOT know that other snakes, extremely venomous ones, are also slithering around in record numbers. A cable guy got bit by a green African Mamba....WTH was it doing in a Florida suburb??? Too creepy. My phobia mandates that I have a snake-free environment. At least as much as is humanly possible.

-My bangs are driving me crazy. Growing them out fills me with dread. There is a distinct possibility that I may shave my head for just a few inches surrounding my face. Could work....maybe?

-I am either reading or listening to books on CD pretty much all the time. And no matter what I am reading/listening to, I find myself thinking about how cool it would be to live a life like the ones in the novels. Last week I listened to "The Secret" about an Amish family in Lancaster, PA. It all seemed so cool and peaceful at the time. But you KNOW that I wouldn't adjust to life without electrcity at all. So funny that I would for even 1 second think it sounded wonderful. This week, it's a book about the lives of 3 women who run an antique emporium in Indiana. Hilarious how it all sounds so interesting and fun even though Stephen and Hannia practically ran screaming from that state....I guess my imagination is just particularly active. LOL

- Grocery shopping gives me sticker shock every single time here lately. I don't have the free time to run around town looking for sales....but there needs to be some way to get creative with cost cutting the exorbitant food bill. Geez....

-I am sick of election stuff already. All the Republican candidates are clowns, and the whole thing is a travesty, no matter what party you subscribe to. I view the upcoming year, at least politically speaking, with a sense of impending doom.....sad.

-This week has dragged on for far too long.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Soon, I will have my little netbook back. I hope. Bruce figured out the problem (a cable to the screen which runs through the hinged area....can you say bad design?). And after opening and closing it thousands of times for the past 2 years, it finally frayed and stopped working.
Anyway, a new one has been ordered and is on the way. A new cable, NOT a netbook. I'm not sure I would buy another one, but I still do love the size of it. But when I get my netbook back to a working state, I will get a new blog template up here. I am tired of the snowman. So tired that I can barely log in to write a post....

Anyway, we had a low key kind of Valentines evening, having celebrated over the weekend already. We didn't go for flowers or candy. But we did do cards. Bruce gave me the best card ever. It is 2 cats sitting in a car, sharing popcorn at a drive-in. It says that "we are a classic.". When you open it, it has a full pop up scene of cats in the car, the theme from Casablanca is playing (proclaimed as CATSABLANCA across the silver screen). And the screen and taillights of the car light up. I loved it immediately. LOL.

Oh well, the week is winding down, and all I want is for the weekend to begin.

Monday, February 13, 2012

House Hunters International

I find myself getting so annoyed watching this show. These people move abroad, wanting a new life experience, which is awesome. But they spend the whole house hunting time whining and complaining. This bedroom is too small for our oversized American furniture that we insist on dragging across the ocean, for thousands of miles with us, so we can feel like we never left home. Or, this kitchen doesn't have a dishwasher, and although practically none of the kitchens in this particular country are designed for a dishwasher....I am too lazy to use soap and water to wash a plate. I mean seriously??? If you want to live exactly like you did back home, then stay the hell back home. Duh! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

This couple I am watching right now is bitching that their American appliances won't work with the local electrical voltage. It's killing me. Like they can't buy a new microwave or learn to use a stove??? Where do they find these people? Erica has learned to do without a microwave and a clothes dryer. She left her American appliances at home, and didn't waste time trying to convince the city of York to change the whole electrical system to accommodate her.....and she is making it work without a car. Take that stupid people who don't understand what it means to experience a different culture. I just need to stop watching. How stupid am I to sit here getting angry when all I have to do is turn the idiotic thing OFF! LOL.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Woman in Black

We went to see Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in The Woman In Black this afternoon. It wasn't the most astonishing movie ever....but it was a good, solid ghost story. Very creepy, with lots of apprehensive moments. Radcliffe did a great job of it too. I never thought of him as "Harry Potter" at all, until Bruce said, "why doesn't he just whip out his wand and fix this?". LOL. That was my biggest concern....that I wouldn't be able to see past Harry Potter to enjoy the movie. But it was good, and I enjoyed it.

Anyway, this weekend rushed past us all too quickly. Saturday was all stuff, errands, and laundry for me. Poor Bruce worked on his car all day. He had to replace the fuel pump....ugh. Stephen came over and helped him, but it still took a long time. And it was exhausting. We felt like we deserved a day to take it easy....

One thing that is bothering me right now...I can't post blog pics from this iPad. Apparently people are waiting on a good app for blogger. I can write a blog, obviously. But the "add image" option is blocked out. Frustrating! And my netbook is not functioning at the moment. Bruce is working on it, but whether he can fix it or not is up in the air. The screen isn't working unless you bring it down to almost the hinges are causing a loss of connection somehow?? I don't know. I had pics to share, but until we get this figured out...either on the iPad or my netbook is up and running, then that will just have to wait. Have a fabulous week!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The trouble with lottery tickets

The trouble with lottery tickets is the extreme letdown, the crushing disappointment when you don't win. LOL. But I agree with my son, you are not only buying a chance, no matter how slim and far-fetched, you are buying a chance to dream wildly for a few hours. Or days. It's fun. Bruce and I have our plan. The jackpot winning plan. We are taking off immediately for a celebration trip in Atlantis. First class all the way. Just for a few days....and then we will come home and start making plans, figuring out what we need to do next. These plans include such things as sharing with family, and random acts of kindness just because it would be so much fun.

But ok, I realize its a long shot. I haven't failed to pay bills or run up my credit cards waiting on a lottery win to bail me out. In fact, we basically rarely buy a ticket. Whenever there is a particularly large jack pot coming up, we break down. Like was at 250 million. Bruce bought a couple of tickets in hopes that we would be enroute to Paradise Island today. We went to work instead. At least nobody else won yet either....which means that I may take another shot at it for Saturday. Who knows? Maybe I will be on my way to my celebration dream vacation by the first of the week. Somebody has to win so why not me, right?

Monday, February 6, 2012


Not too much going on. Jeanne came up for the weekend, and we all went out for dinner with our friends, Chris and Jessica. We had a very nice time. I said this to Jeanne, but it always seems life gets in the way of seeing people and just getting together to have fun. Never enough time. But when it happens, it's great. I just need to figure out how to make more time for it.

And then, Stephen made homemade doughnuts for our Sunday breakfast. Really nice of him, too. So yummy. But absolutely none of our festivities included the Super Bowl. Not a fan. I just don't care anything about it. I did watch part of Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl". My favorite part is Kitty Halftime....LOL. That's about all the sports that I can handle.

So it's a brand new week. Hopefully it will be a good one, for ALL of us.