Sunday, February 12, 2012

Woman in Black

We went to see Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in The Woman In Black this afternoon. It wasn't the most astonishing movie ever....but it was a good, solid ghost story. Very creepy, with lots of apprehensive moments. Radcliffe did a great job of it too. I never thought of him as "Harry Potter" at all, until Bruce said, "why doesn't he just whip out his wand and fix this?". LOL. That was my biggest concern....that I wouldn't be able to see past Harry Potter to enjoy the movie. But it was good, and I enjoyed it.

Anyway, this weekend rushed past us all too quickly. Saturday was all stuff, errands, and laundry for me. Poor Bruce worked on his car all day. He had to replace the fuel pump....ugh. Stephen came over and helped him, but it still took a long time. And it was exhausting. We felt like we deserved a day to take it easy....

One thing that is bothering me right now...I can't post blog pics from this iPad. Apparently people are waiting on a good app for blogger. I can write a blog, obviously. But the "add image" option is blocked out. Frustrating! And my netbook is not functioning at the moment. Bruce is working on it, but whether he can fix it or not is up in the air. The screen isn't working unless you bring it down to almost the hinges are causing a loss of connection somehow?? I don't know. I had pics to share, but until we get this figured out...either on the iPad or my netbook is up and running, then that will just have to wait. Have a fabulous week!

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