Thursday, February 16, 2012

These things I know...

I may not know much, I DO know this much:

-I will never EVER live in Florida. Not for ANY reason. Besides being so hot and humid that it could make you die in the summer...I just watched an hour long documentary about how many exotic snakes have been brought there, and allowed to escape and breed. Pythons are apparently roaming free, scarfing up all the other (cuter) wildlife like raccoons and feral cats. And although I had already heard about this problem, I did NOT know that other snakes, extremely venomous ones, are also slithering around in record numbers. A cable guy got bit by a green African Mamba....WTH was it doing in a Florida suburb??? Too creepy. My phobia mandates that I have a snake-free environment. At least as much as is humanly possible.

-My bangs are driving me crazy. Growing them out fills me with dread. There is a distinct possibility that I may shave my head for just a few inches surrounding my face. Could work....maybe?

-I am either reading or listening to books on CD pretty much all the time. And no matter what I am reading/listening to, I find myself thinking about how cool it would be to live a life like the ones in the novels. Last week I listened to "The Secret" about an Amish family in Lancaster, PA. It all seemed so cool and peaceful at the time. But you KNOW that I wouldn't adjust to life without electrcity at all. So funny that I would for even 1 second think it sounded wonderful. This week, it's a book about the lives of 3 women who run an antique emporium in Indiana. Hilarious how it all sounds so interesting and fun even though Stephen and Hannia practically ran screaming from that state....I guess my imagination is just particularly active. LOL

- Grocery shopping gives me sticker shock every single time here lately. I don't have the free time to run around town looking for sales....but there needs to be some way to get creative with cost cutting the exorbitant food bill. Geez....

-I am sick of election stuff already. All the Republican candidates are clowns, and the whole thing is a travesty, no matter what party you subscribe to. I view the upcoming year, at least politically speaking, with a sense of impending doom.....sad.

-This week has dragged on for far too long.

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