Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Soon, I will have my little netbook back. I hope. Bruce figured out the problem (a cable to the screen which runs through the hinged area....can you say bad design?). And after opening and closing it thousands of times for the past 2 years, it finally frayed and stopped working.
Anyway, a new one has been ordered and is on the way. A new cable, NOT a netbook. I'm not sure I would buy another one, but I still do love the size of it. But when I get my netbook back to a working state, I will get a new blog template up here. I am tired of the snowman. So tired that I can barely log in to write a post....

Anyway, we had a low key kind of Valentines evening, having celebrated over the weekend already. We didn't go for flowers or candy. But we did do cards. Bruce gave me the best card ever. It is 2 cats sitting in a car, sharing popcorn at a drive-in. It says that "we are a classic.". When you open it, it has a full pop up scene of cats in the car, the theme from Casablanca is playing (proclaimed as CATSABLANCA across the silver screen). And the screen and taillights of the car light up. I loved it immediately. LOL.

Oh well, the week is winding down, and all I want is for the weekend to begin.

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