Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lady Luck PLEASE smile on us....

We leave for Vegas tomorrow. It has become increasingly clear over these past few weeks, while I have been out of work to heal up this stubborn achilles tendon, that my job is detrimental to my health in more ways than I can count. Since I have been off, my blood pressure has been LOW. Do you believe that? LOW! I have a wrist cuff and am supposed to take it several times a day due to the fact that medications only seem to control it marginally. Last night it was 105/69. Never in my life do I remember a low reading like that. I have felt so laid back and unstressed. I haven't had a single tension headache, or tension muscle cramps in my neck. My back has stopped hurting.
Its amazing. I was beginning to think that all of my problems and aches and pains were just a part of getting a wee bit older and it was something that I was just going to have to accept.

Oh well, if I don't win enough $$ to be independently wealthy (unlikely given my reluctance to gamble) then I will probably have to return to that God forsaken job in a week. Of course, there is always the possibility that I will run away from home and stay in Vegas.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Paranormal Activity

Bruce spent the weekend with the guys down at the river, and Jessica came up here on Saturday to spend the night. Its funny how we were both "under the weather" a little bit and didn't feel like doing any of the things we had planned. She didn't get here until about 5pm because she was trying to nap and get rid of some kind of queasy-feeling bug. I was nursing a serious sinus headache. What a bunch of whining babies...HA. But I am glad she did make it eventually. We decided to go get take out (Olive Garden,,,yum), and rent a movie. In keeping with the Halloween season, we chose "Paranormal Activity", which I had seen before but she hadn't. I wanted to see it again since the new one has just come out in theaters, and my niece, Sydney reports that it rates right up at the top of movies that will scare the daylights out of you.

So, this movie sounds so bland and so boring if you try to describe it. Its a young couple, in a regular house (not your huge haunted mansion) and they set up a video camera to try and capture footage of some strange things that are going on in their home. Its not bloody, or overly violent throughout the movie. Instead it plays on your sense of vulnerability while you are sleeping and defenseless. It has an astronomically high "CREEP" factor. The one scene that gets to me for some reason is how the camera captures the girl getting out of bed and then just standing by the bedside with this blank, zombie-like expression for several hours. The counter on the video tape shows that it went on for 2 or 3 hours. Just standing there, while her boyfriend is asleep and totally unaware until he watches the play-back. I have NO idea why that scared me so much, but it made me instantly suspicious that Bruce might just be spending hours every night standing by my side of the bed while I am asleep. LOL. And IF I ever woke up to see that......yeah, it would definitely creep me out.

Anyway, I found that movie to be scary and there is NO way I would have watched it by myself, alone in this house. LOL. But now I am caught up on it and ready to go see the second part. Maybe we can catch it while we are in Vegas. Its definitely a good choice for Halloween.