Friday, June 26, 2009


Stephen did NOT have Swine Flu. He did have some other random flu virus that isn't a hot news item at the moment. It took 11 days to get the test results back. That is totally insane.

I just heard from Barb (via email). Her surgery went well, and she is back home again, and will be able to talk by Monday. Yay!

Its all good news. Including the fact that its finally Friday. My day has been a nightmare of miseries that range from sweltering heat, to a flat tire, to getting drenched in a freak rainstorm. Stick a fork in me, I am DONE! My plans for the evening involve a comfy sofa, a couple of cuddly kitties and a new episode of "What NOT to wear". And that is just about all the excitement that I can take after a day like this one. Love to all.......

p.s. I just have to say it once, and then I will shut up. I am sorry that Michael Jackson died. I don't wish death on anyone. But all the hoopla....? I just don't get it. There has been overwhelming evidence that the man molested children. I don't care how talented he was, I just can't get myself all that worked up over the loss of a pedophile. Bruce and I are artfully avoiding the media onslaught. We won't watch it, we won't read it, and we don't give a good gosh darn what the autopsy reveals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kate plus 8 minus Jon

Ok, I tried NOT to write a post about this TV show. Its in all the tabloids, and online gossip sites. I haven't even watched the show all that much. I never even saw the first couple of seasons at all. My kids were addicted to it, and somehow I watched just enough while they were around that I at least have a basic knowledge of the Gosselin family.

About all the hoopla of THE divorce, all I know is that its really sad for the children. How embarrassing to have all of your private details on display like that.
I can't see how the kids could survive all of this unscathed. It makes me really sad.
I have no idea who is really at fault. Is it the cheating husband? Or the nagging shrew of a wife? Who knows what the real story is. I do know that Kate kind of gives me the creeps. She just looks like a lunatic one breath away from a raving axe-murdering rampage. I wouldn't want to spend much time in close proximity to her.
She makes me think of this:

If Cruela Deville:

Got together with this guy:

And they had a baby together....
It would look something like this:

'Nuff said!

ETA: I just saw a Twitter update that suggested calling the show "Jon and Kate plus HATE." Hmmm.......

Kitty Woes

Vixen has decided to be a finicky eater. She keeps turning her nose up at the canned food I buy. Our vet feels that cats who eat predominantly high quality canned food have fewer urinary problems. But also, dry food is good to keep down for snacks because that is good for their teeth. Vixen won't eat canned food right now, and she picks daintily at the dry food off and on all day. She is healthy, her weight is good, she just doesn't care that much about food. She has a take it or leave it attitude.

Omen, on the other hand, will eat everything in sight. Vixen won't eat her portion of the canned food? No problem, Omen will just eat up 2 servings. And the dry food, and any stray morsel that the dogs might leave behind. At first I chalked it up to Omen having been raised in a cat foster home where there were lots of cats competing for the food. I assume you had to get in there and eat what you could quickly before it disappeared. She doesn't have any competition like that here, though. Vixen could not care less. Vixen grew up here where she was the only kitty and there was more than enough food available at any given time of the day. She doesn't feel pressured to eat.

It just leaves me with a dilemma. I have to TRY to make sure Vixen is getting enough to stay healthy. But Omen gobbles up everything as fast as I can put it down.
I might have to try feeding them separately. They have separate bowls, but they are both in the same spot. What is a kitty Mommy to do? One won't eat and one won't stop frustrating!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I wanted to wish all the Dad's out there a belated Happy Father's Day!!! We had a quiet celebration here. Stephen and Hannia came over with homemade guacamole, I cooked steaks and fresh corn on the cob. And Bruce decided that he wanted a red velvet cake with the family recipe of hard fudge frosting. It was unusual, but its what he wanted, and really it was pretty good. You can't go wrong with cake and fudge anyway.

Hannia made a B on her exam!!! I am thrilled for her. Maybe she will finally be able to get her degree/diploma now? ECU should really be ashamed for all the crap and red tape they have put her through. But she passed the final test with flying colors despite not having ever taken that class, and having to deal with a really sick husband the night and morning before. Yay!

Speaking of "sick husband", we STILL have not heard back from Stephen's swine flu test. What the hell is that? No wonder its so rampant...people can't get their test results back in time to know that they are infected, so they have NO idea if they need to go through the full quarantine period. Stephen pretty much complied with the 7 day quarantine even without knowing IF he really needed to. It wasn't easy because he was feeling fine, and antsy to get out and do something by the weekend...
I don't know what the hold up is. I have read that the number of specimens being sent in (basically for anyone with any of the symptoms, like fever...)is more than the lab personnel can reasonably handle. Someone needs to address this. But since my son is well now, thankfully, I am going to try to let this go. But its beyond ridiculous. Seriously!

Anyway, we are in count-down mode for our beach vacation the week after the 4th of July. I will be happy to get away for a little while.