Sunday, May 18, 2008


I meant to say this in my last post, but I forgot. Kudos to California for finally realizing that denying someone the right to marry is treating that person like a second class citizen. Maybe the rest of the US will wise up and stop trying to force our laws to conform to a select group of religious protocols.

Remember the plane?

Remember the remote control airplane? The one that got stuck in a tree? Well, spring came and the trees grew enough leaves that we could no longer see it sitting up there mocking us. But....yesterday hubby was out cutting grass and lo and behold he spotted the plane. On the GROUND! We have no idea when it fell out, but its really nice to have that little fiasco over and done with. The plane is no longer in flying condition after all this time. Its been stuck up there since February.
But it still might be useful for spare parts, seeing as how hubby went out and bought himself 2 more planes after that one got stuck.

Anyway, I apologize if I am a little slack with the postings this week. We have so much going on, I can't even begin to tell you. Stephen and Hannia are trying hard to get their new apartment ready. Which is a HUGE amount of work. I spent this afternoon over there trying to do a little bit of cleaning and stuff. And then: dun dun duh (musical prelude intended) THE WEDDING! This time next Sunday. Everything is just a whirlwind of activity right now. So much to do, and the clock is ticking down. But I have faith that its going to all work out. And we are going to party like its 1999 (does quoting Prince lyrics show my age??? haha) when this is all over and done with and we can relax and enjoy the reception.

Also? My back is feeling quite a bit better. I am heading back to work tomorrow for the first time in a week and a half. I want to be really careful so this doesn't happen again. It wasn't a whole heck of a lot of fun. I like to use my sick leave time when I'm feeling fine and can do something fun. Haha....yeah, I know, but everybody needs to sneak in some off time when they are feeling good every now and then.